Italian white leather accordion straps with black velour padding


Padded Italian accordion shoulder straps. Hand made in Italy with white Italian leather and black velour padding.

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Italian leather accordion shoulder straps

Hand made Italian accordion straps are a great addition to anyone’s accordion. Our new slim range straps are made with real Italian leather and are padded for extra comfort. They look great and they can fit almost any size, make and model of accordion. They come in a wide range of colours and styles so why not try out a pair today and show your accordion how much you care.


  • Hand made in a small town near Castelfidardo, Italy
  • 45mm wide where the strap fits over the shoulder
  • 15mm thick velour lined padding
  • Free WORLDWIDE delivery


Of the two straps, one is longer (usually used for the right hand strap). It is adjustable from aproximately 87cm to 107cm.


The shorter strap (usually used for the left hand strap) is adjustable from approximately 81cm and 101cm.


White leather with black velour padding

We think these white leather and black velour padded straps are pretty snazzy and evoke the spirit of 1920’s. Whether the 1920’s is your thing or you simply just love all that jazz then these white leather straps (with a bit of black) should get you noticed.


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