Accordion dust cover in black for 120 bass accordion

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Accordions are happiest out of their cases, ready and waiting to be played. Our accordion dust cover means you can store your accordion out of its case without worrying about dust damaging the finish or getting into the reeds. See below for pictures and a more detailed description.

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Accordion dust cover in black


for 120 bass piano accordions


Accordions love to be played and this accordion dust cover is a cost effective way to keep the dust off your accordion, helping keep it poised for action while protecting it from dust, knocks and scratches.


Accordion cases are very good for transporting your accordion from one place to another but to make it as easy as possible to play your accordion whenever the mood takes you, it is better off out of its case. One downside is that the accordion can end up gathering a lot of dust over time which can affect the finish and dust build up on the grill is more likely to be sucked back into the accordion and potentially affect the reeds.


This accordion dust cover helps keep your accordion safe, clean and ready when not in use.


It is suitable for a piano accordions with 120 basses or less, as well as chromatic button accordions or bayans of a similar size.


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