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Second hand Scandalli Super VI 96 bass piano accordion


Quality hand made Scandalli Super VI accordion. 4 voice musette with double cassotto and hand made Italian reeds. A great compact alternative to a 120 bass accordion or upgrade from 72 bass or smaller. For more detailed specification, see below.



Scandalli Super VI


96 bass piano accordion with musette



This Scandalli Super VI is a high qualty compact piano accordion. With 37 notes in the right hand it is only 4 notes short of a full size piano accordion. The 96 bass buttons make it a credible alternative to a larger and heavier 120 bass accordion. The extra notes and chords would also make it a good upgrade from  a 72 bass or smaller model.


This accordion started its life as a double octave and had the reeds retuned making it a full 4 voice musette accordion. It is a double cassotto accordion with the 16 foot (low) reed one of the 8 foot (middle) reeds  in the cassotto tone chamber.


It was hand made in Italy by the world renowned Scndalli accordion factory and features hand made Italian “A mano” reeds throughtout. It is in nearly new condition and is only being sold as the previous owner has now switched to a chromatic button accordion.


It comes complete with a deluxe Italian gig bag style carrying case and a set of stylish padded Italian made straps as well as a red dust cover.




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