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Second hand fronatalini 24 Bass standard bass piano accordion

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This is an entry level piano accordion and the bass range offers the opportunity to play in a wide variety of major and minor keys in a very compact and lightweight box.

For more technical details on this accordion, please see below.

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This is a rare vintage Italian made piano accordion. Most (if not all?) Italian manufacturers no longer make such small accordions and despite its obvious age, the build quality of this accordion means it plays nearly as well as when it was first built. It has a 4 voice bass which gives much more depth and power to the left hand than most accordions of this size. All of the reeds are nailed to the resonators (reed blocks) meaning more of the effort of your arm is converted into sound volume and also goes a long way to explaining the durability of this instrument (this is usually only done with Russian and the most expensive Italian instruments today). A superb entry level accordion that should hold its value.

What's the right hand got?

The right hand keyboard on this piano accordion has 25 notes / piano keys. The accordion has 2 voices(8′,8′) on the right hand side giving a choice of 1 register.

How big is this accordion?

In its natural environment, strapped to an accordionist and in playing pose, this accordion has a height of 33cm. From left to right, this accordion has a length of 16.5cm and from back to front the main body of the accordion has a depth of  4.3cm. The accordion weighs 4.3kg when fully laden with straps (usually they contribute between 0.5kg and 1.5kg to the total weight of the accordion).

With the accordion in its case, these dimensions increase to 41.5cm (height), 21cm (length) and a depth of 6.35cm. The total weight of this accordion when in its case is 6.35kg.

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