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Second hand Chanson 72 bass standard bass piano accordion

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This secondhand piano keyboard accordion is an ideal accordion for those taking up the piano accordion for the first time as well as offering versitility for those looking for a well-made accordion to play for fun.



This Chanson 72 bass piano accordion would be ideal for somone starting to learn the piano accordion or looking for a larger accordion and the flexibility that the 72 bass buttons offers. This piano accordion is one of the better modern Chinese instruments and is in full working order. This accordion is nearly £500 new and is only about 2 years old so this model offers very good value for money. It comes complete with straps and a padded soft gig bag type case.

What's the right hand got?

The right hand keyboard on this piano accordion has 34 notes / piano keys. The accordion has 3 voices(8′,8′,16) on the right hand side giving a choice of 5 registers.

What's the left hand side got?

The Chanson 72 bass piano accordion is a standard bass accordion with 72 “bass” buttons on the left hand “stradella” keyboard. There are 6 rows of buttons with 2 rows of bass notes (Fundamental and Counterbass rows) and 4 rows of preset chords (Major, minor, seventh and diminished chords). This accordion has 4 voices in the left hand side with 0 register switches.

How big is this accordion?

In its natural environment, strapped to an accordionist and in playing pose, this accordion has a height of 41cm. From left to right, this accordion has a length of 44cm and from back to front the main body of the accordion has a depth of  19cm. The accordion weighs 8.35kg when fully laden with straps (usually they contribute between 0.5kg and 1.5kg to the total weight of the accordion).

With the accordion in its case, these dimensions increase to 47cm (height), 48.5cm (length) and a depth of 26cm. The total weight of this accordion when in its case is 11.95kg.