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Bugari 58 note Convertor bass button accordion

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This Bugari Armando button accordion with handmade Italian reeds and converter system is a highly versatile accordion that allows you to explore a wide range of music at a fraction of the price of a new one.

For more technical details on this accordion, please see below.

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New this high end Italian converter accordion would normally retail at well in excess of £10000 making this a rare opportunity to pick one up at a fraction of that price. Ideal upgrade to a first concert instrument for anyone already playing this type of accordion or looking to add free bass to their repertoire of accordion techniques. This accordion has two of its four sets of right hand reeds located in a cassotto tone chamber. In the left hand, the two lowest octaves of notes use Italian made russian bayan style reeds where the reed tongues are mounted on a large single metal frame giving a very different timbre and increased depth and power to the bass. A standard bass button accordion with these features would still cost nearly (often more than) double this price making it worth a look even if you had no intention of using the free bass. It is supplied with a brand new pair of padded Italian made straps and a thick padded Italian soft case. It isn’t often that an accordion of this type and quality becomes available second hand and without having to wait many months for it to be built. Have a look below to find out more.

What's the right hand got?

The right hand keyboard on this chromatic button accordion has 96 button keys spread over 5 rows it uses the B system (Russian bayan) layout and there are 58 seperate notes available. The accordion has 4 voices(4′,8′,8′,16′) on the right hand side giving a choice of 15 registers.

What's the left hand got?

This is a converter bass accordion and has 120 buttons laid out over 6 rows.

How big is this accordion?

In its natural environment, strapped to an accordionist and in playing pose, this accordion has a height of 46cm. From left to right, this accordion has a length of 47.5cm and from back to front the main body of the accordion has a depth of  24.5cm. The accordion weighs 15.55kg when fully laden with straps (usually they contribute between 0.5kg and 1.5kg to the total weight of the accordion).

With the accordion in its case, these dimensions increase to 51cm (height), 51.5cm (length) and a depth of 31cm. The total weight of this accordion when in its case is 17.35kg.