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E Soprani 737KK 72 bass piano accordion

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72 bass piano accordion from Italian maker E Soprani. Makes a good upgrade from a beginers instrument and has a good range for playing a wide range of folk music as well as other styles. See below for further information.

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E Soprani 737KK


72 Bass Piano Accordion


This E Soprani 72 bass piano accordion offers very good value for money. It is priced at less then half that of equivalent models from many other Italian manufacturers. It has 3 right hand voices with a standard tremelo tuning. Once you’re past the beginers stages and looking to play in a wider range of keys, the range and quality of this accordion make it a suitable upgrade in size and quality from a smaller instrument. With 72 bass buttons in the left hand it has enough to play most music usually encountered in British and European folk music.


  • Includes hard case and straps
  • Free UK delivery
  • Other colours available on request


Other colours and customisations are available so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What's the left hand side got?

The E Soprani 737KK is a standard bass accordion with 72 “bass” buttons on the left hand “stradella” keyboard. There are 6 rows of buttons with 2 rows of bass notes (Fundamental and Counterbass rows) and 4 rows of preset chords (Major, minor, seventh and diminished chords). This accordion has 4 voices in the left hand side with 2 register switches.

What's the right hand side got?

The right hand keyboard on this piano accordion has 34 notes / piano keys. The E Soprani 737KK is a 3 voice accordion. The 3 voices (8′,8′,16) give a choice of 5 registers.


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