Delicia Arnaldo 23 72 bass piano accordion

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The Delicia Arnaldo 23 72 bass piano accordion would make a good upgrade from a smaller or chinese instrument and has a good range for playing a wide range of folk music as well as other styles. See below for further information.

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Delicia Arnaldo 23


72 Bass Piano Accordion


This Delicia Arnaldo 72 bass piano accordion is hand built entirely within the EU. It is priced at less then half that of equivalent models from many other Italian manufacturers. It has 3 right hand voices with your choice of tuning. The Delicia Arnaldo 23 is made in the Czech Republic using good quality european reeds by an established family firm. The range and quality of this accordion make it a suitable upgrade in size and quality from a smaller instrument or from a cheaper chinese accordion. With 72 bass buttons in the left hand it has enough to play most music usually encountered in British and European folk music.


  • Includes hard case and straps
  • Free UK delivery
  • Other colours available on request


Other colours and customisations are available so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What's the left hand side got?

The Delicia Arnaldo 23 is a standard bass accordion with 72 “bass” buttons on the left hand “stradella” keyboard. There are 6 rows of buttons with 2 rows of bass notes (Fundamental and Counterbass rows) and 4 rows of preset chords (Major, minor, seventh and diminished chords). This accordion has 4 voices in the left hand side with 2 register switches.

What's the right hand side got?

The right hand keyboard on this piano accordion has 34 notes / piano keys. The Delicia Arnaldo 23 is a 3 voice accordion. The 3 voices (8′,8′,16/MML) give a choice of 7 register switches.

How big is this accordion?

This piano accordion weighs 8.7kg. It has a height of 41.5cm,  a length of 38cm and a width of 18.5cm.

Free the Reed accordion dimensions diagram

Accordion dimensions diagram

These measurements are taken with the accordion in an upright “playing position” as in the diagram.


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