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Ballone Burini Leader 55/P

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Piano accordion with free bass converter

The Ballone Burini Leader 55/P free bass converter would make a cracking upgrade from a full size piano accordion. It offers the extra functionality of a 55 note free bass keyboard while retaining all the familiar features of a 120 bass piano accordion. It would also be a good upgrade from a smaller converter bass or free bass only piano accordion.


With the free bass keyboard you can create your own left hand chords your own chord voicings. Melodies don’t even have to be accompanied by chords with arpeggios, broken chords, counter melodies etc. also possible. The 55 note free bass keyboard enables you to explore Bach, Scarlatti or other classical music or music written specifically for free bass accordion  (click here to view our catalogue of free bass accordion music). At the press of a switch you have a fully functional 4 voice 120 bass piano accordion in addition.


This Ballone Burini Leader 55/P piano accordion with free bass converter offers the best of three worlds (free bass, standard bass and piano keyboard).


This bespoke Piano accordion is available to order. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


What's the right hand got?

The right hand keyboard on this piano accordion has 41 notes / piano keys. The accordion has 4 voices(4′,8′,8′,16′) on the right hand side giving a choice of 15 registers.

What's the left hand got?

This is a converter bass accordion and has 120 buttons laid out over 6 rows.

How big is this accordion?

In its natural environment, strapped to an accordionist and in playing pose, this accordion has a height of 44cm. From left to right, this accordion has a length of 0cm and from back to front the main body of the accordion has a depth of  22cm. The accordion weighs 11.6kg when fully laden with straps (usually they contribute between 0.5kg and 1.5kg to the total weight of the accordion).

With the accordion in its case, these dimensions increase to 0cm (height), 0cm (length) and a depth of 0cm. The total weight of this accordion when in its case is 0kg.


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