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Ballone Burini Discover 343 P 72 bass piano accordion

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72 bass piano accordion from Ballone Burini. Makes a good upgrade from a beginers instrument and has a good range for playing a wide range of folk music as well as other styles. See below for further information.

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Ballone Burini Discover 343/P


72 Bass Piano Accordion


The modern design of this Ballone Burini 72 bass accordion makes it one of the more stylish piano accordions available today. It is hand made in Castelfidardo, Italy by skilled craftsmen using high quality materials including Italian reeds. Once you’re past the beginers stages and looking to play in a wider range of keys, the range and quality of this accordion make it a suitable upgrade in size and quality from a smaller instrument. It has enough buttons in the left hand to play most music usually encountered in British and European folk music.


It can be ordered in a range of different colours including an all wood finish. Other customisations are also available so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What's the left hand side got?

The Ballone Burini Discover 343 P is a standard bass accordion with 72 “bass” buttons on the left hand “stradella” keyboard. There are 6 rows of buttons with 2 rows of bass notes (Fundamental and Counterbass rows) and 4 rows of preset chords (Major, minor, seventh and diminished chords). This accordion has 4 voices in the left hand side with 5 register switches.


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