Weltmeister FB 26K free bass button accordion

£1,584.00 inc. VAT

This Weltmeister FB26K is a brand new free bass accordion. It is a lightweight, compact instrument making an ideal first free bass accordion for a child or adult.

For more technical details on this accordion, please see below.


Weltmeister FB 26K


26 bass free bass chromatic button accordion




The Weltmeister FB 26K is an ideal entry level free bass accordion. It is probably one of the lightest and smallest button key accordions on the market making it suitable for a child or an adult. It offers the opportunity to explore the world of free bass accordion before investing in a larger and more expensive converter instrument at much less than the price of an equivalent Italian model. It comes with a set of straps and a padded Italian gig bag. Made in Germany is usually the quality mark of a well built product and this German made accordion is no exception.


What's the left hand side got?

The Weltmeister FB 26 K is a free bass accordion with 26 buttons on the left hand “free bass” keyboard. There are 3 rows of buttons giving 26 seperate free bass notes. This accordion has  1 voice in the left hand side with no register switches.

What's the right hand side got?

The Weltmeister FB 26 K is a 3 row chromatic button accordion  and has 34 button keys spread over the 3 rows it is available with the C system or B system / Russian bayan layout and there are 34 seperate notes available. The accordion has 1 voice (8′ or “M”) on the right hand side offering a single register, it has no register switches.

How big is this accordion?

This free bass accordion weighs in at only 4.8 kg. It has a height of 35cm,  a length of 35cm and a width of 19cm.

Free the Reed accordion dimensions diagram

Accordion dimensions diagram

These measurements are taken with the bayan / accordion in an upright “playing position” as in the diagram.