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Ballone Burini Réplique 80 bass button accordion

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Ballone Burini Réplique is a funky retro styled chromatic button accordion. We think it looks beautiful in matt black. For technical details and a full description see below.

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Ballone Burini Réplique


80 bass button accordion


The Ballone Burini Réplique is one of the most dazzling chromatic button accordions available today. It’s unique styling harks back to another era of accordion building. Despite it’s retro looks this accordion is built to the highest standards of modern Italian craftsmenship. It doesn’t just look good and its features list make it a versatile concert instrument. Part of the Ballone Burini French collection, it can be particularly suited to French music, especially if you go for the musette tuning option. It is also very well suited to music from many other folk traditions.


Available in either B or C system layout, it comes complete with case and straps.


A great sounding instrument with a bit of a difference. Please contact us for more information.

What's the left hand side got?

The Ballone Burini Réplique is a standard bass accordion with 80 “bass” buttons on the left hand “stradella” keyboard. There are 5 rows of buttons with 2 rows of bass notes (Fundamental and Counterbass rows) and 3 rows of preset chords (Major, minor and seventh chords). This accordion has 4 voices in the left hand side with 3 register switches.

What's the right hand side got?

The right hand keyboard on this chromatic button accordion has 66 button keys arranged over 5 rows.This button accordion uses the C system layout and there are 40 seperate notes available. The Ballone Burini Réplique is a 3 voice accordion. The 3 voices (8′,8′,16) give a choice of 6 registers.

How big is this accordion?

Stick accordion In its natural environment, strapped to an accordionist and in playing pose, this accordion has a height of 34cm and has a depth of  20.5cm.

The accordion weighs 8.3kg when fully laden with straps (usually they contribute between 0.5kg and 1.5kg to the total weight of the accordion).


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