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Ballone Burini Bayan B

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This Ballone Burini Bayan B – chromatic free bass converter accordion sounds just as good as its stylish  looks might suggest. Full size concert specification bayan accordion available in B or C system layout. Highly customisable and equiped with many features not allways found on similar accordions from other manufacturers. See below for full specification.

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Ballone Burini Bayan B


Chromatic free bass converter accordion

This Ballone Burini Bayan B is a high end bespoke concert accordion, hand made to your specification in Caselfidardo Italy by a long establihed family firm. It is particularly suited to university or conservatoire graduates, professional accordionists and not forgetting aspiring amatuer players.


We think the Ballone Burini Bayan B is one of best chromatic free bass converter accordions being built in Italy today. It is a full size concert accordion with a 64 note right hand keyboard and 120 bass left hand which “converts” to a 58 note free bass keyboard. The sound is produced from several hundred skillfuly crafted hand made Italian reeds.


The free bass section of this bayan accordion uses Russian style long reed plates over a larger part of the range than most Italian bayans. This helps to smooth out the usual differnce in timbre between the bottom two octaves in the free bass. This bayan has ten chin registers , three more than you would usually find on an accordion of this type. Rather than repeat these registers with switches next to the grille, Ballone Burini have taken the decission to remove them making it easier to navigate the remaining ones.


The Bayan B has many customisation options including colour (accordion, bellows inside and outside, keyboard buttons), natural wood finish and many paint finishes available, choice of keyboard system. Please contact us if you would like any further information about this bayan accordion.


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