Finnish accordion sheet music

Finnish accordion sheet music from AMS-production

Here at Free the Reed we like to scour the accordion world to find the best accordions, accordion music and accessories so we can make them easily available to you all in one place. Many of the best things we find are produced by small family run businesses with a passion for all things accordion. Whenever we find these suppliers we want to introduce them and say a little about what they do.

The first of these companies is AMS-production ky which is a music publishing company from Finland that focuses mainly on publishing Finnish accordion sheet music.  They have a varied selection of music for solo accordion, accordion duet and music for accordion with other instruments and you can find a review of many of these books here. I first came across this music when I started teaching the accordion and there were many books from AMS-production listed on the Trinity Guildhall accordion grade exam repertoire lists. It took me a long time to get my first book but it was well worth the wait and the interesting folk tune arrangements and compositions by Ari-Matti Saira made me change a lot about the way I taught the accordion and inspired me to do my own arrangements and compositions to use in my teaching.

Ari-Matti Saira

Ari Matti Saira of AMS production

Ari Matti Saira of AMS production

AMS-production is owned and run by Ari-Matti Saira. His own books of accordion music for beginners are very well thought out and help guide any aspiring accordion player through the first years of learning. Little Accordion player’s Toy Box for Standard bass accordion beginners is the first of a series of three books, with each one (Accordion player’s suitcase & Accordion player’s Travel Radio) progressively adding more skills for an accordionist to learn than the previous book. I use pieces from these books with most of my own students and recommend them highly. They also publish books of free bass accordion music for beginers. Balanssi makes an excellent first free bass accordion book and Ari-Matti Saira has also written several books of solos for more advanced accordionists.

The Red Bike, finnish accordion sheet music for accordion by Petri Makkonen

The Red Bike for accordion by Petri Makkonen

Petri Makkonen

AMS-production also has a large selection of music by crazy Finnish accordion player / composer Petri Makkonen (that’s him over there on the bike!). He is one of Finland’s most loved accordionists and is well known for his many compositions for the accordion. He writes music in a wide variety of styles inspired by Finnish folk music, classical, pop, jazz and film music. His virtuoso pieces are played in many international competitions and one of these A Flight Beyond Time was my first introduction to his music (I love it – it has lots of F’s!!).  As a teacher, I use pieces from his many suites of character pieces (Dance of Four Virtuosos, Space Music, Songs for Accordion, Five Pieces for Accordion etc.) with my students. Personally I like to play them because I enjoy them but many of these pieces have also been selected for the Trinity College Accordion Certificate exams (look here to view the Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced level music lists).

Trinity college accordion exams

We stock a large selection of music from the Trinity accordion exams and you can view them by clicking any of the following links Foundation (Free bass), Foundation (Standard bass), Intermediate (Free bass), Intermediate (Standard bass), Advanced (Free bass), Advanced (Standard bass)

Petri Makkonen video clip

Not sure I have enough hair to pull off this baseball cap look so here is Petri Makkonen himself playing Liikkuu (Is Movin’) from Five pieces for Accordion by Petri Makkonen (below). It’s a great piece, loads of fun to play and listen to (with or without facial expressions).

To view our full selection of music from AMS-production please visit our dedicated page here. We will continue to add more music from AMS production to our online shop but please take a look at the catalogue below which includes titles that are available to order via our online shop and others which we can order specially for you.


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