Zonta bayan

If you are looking for that authentic Russian bayan sound without having to negotiate the Russian paperwork needed for a trip to Tula, Moscow or Veronezh, then our range of Zonta bayans may well be worth a look. They produce a full range of bayans with standard bass or free bass converter in the left hand keyboard.

Made in Belarus by skilled Belarusian master craftsmen, Zonta bayans are built to a very similar design as Russian Jupiter bayans but without the price tag.
They have a very similar sound and the Russian bayan style reeds in the left hand side give this accordion the typical deep, rich “growly” bass sound you might expect from any Russian bayan. The right hand side of the accordion can be made with hand made Russian stlye “bayan reeds” with many reed tongues mounted on a single long reed plate made in house by experienced Belarusian masters.
If you would like any further information about the Zonta bayan range, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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