Mengascini accordions

Free the Reed is pleased to present here a large selection of Mengascini Accordions. The quality of the materials, the care and attention to detail of the skilled craftsmen and modern designs make Mengascini accordions some of the highest quality being produced in Italy today. With many bespoke finishes including painted exterior, bespoke bellows and keyboard colours and even accordions finished entirely in varnished wood.

Each Mengascini accordion is hand built to order and they can be tailored to your individual needs. Mengascini have a comprehensive range of accordions with models suitable for beginners, students, professionals and amateurs. Mengascini produces a full range of Piano accordions, with and without free bass, standard bass accordions in a traditional design or or from the French series with compact bodies and reeds nailed onto leather. They also have a range of chromatic button accordions with free bass converter in many different sizes.

Check out our range of Mengascini accordions below and if you would like any further information , please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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