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Finnish accordion sheet music

Finnish accordion sheet music from AMS-production Here at Free the Reed we like to scour the accordion world to find the best accordions, accordion music and accessories so we can make them easily available to you all in one place. Many of the best things we find are produced by small family run businesses with […]

Looking after an accordion

Most of the points below are commonsense and apply to most musical instruments or delicate pieces of equipment, but they are worth repeating here. Keep your accordion clean with a soft cloth Over the years, we have seen numerous examples of problems with accordions down to some of the issues below. There are cases where […]

Top tips for buying an accordion

We are often asked about buying an accordion and what to look out for or what to consider when looking for an accordion. Anyone just starting out with the accordion is sure to be daunted by the wide range of accordions available. Be that in terms of size, brand or layout of the keys and […]