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  • 14 day accordion trial

    Free the Reed encourages you to think of your front room as your own personal accordion shop. This means no long trips to an accordion shop, no sales assistant peering over your shoulder watching your every move and no pressure to buy. You can simply browse through our shop at your leisure, take the time to […]

  • Free UK delivery

    Free the Reed offers UK customers free delivery on all orders of £50 or over. This means that all of our accordions and many of our cases and straps are automatically eligible for free delivery. For smaller value items, a larger order can save you up to 6% off your total order price. These savings will […]

  • Expert advice

    Choosing a new accordion can sometimes feel daunting but it does not have to be that way. Here at Free the Reed we know that the vast array of different instruments that are available can make choosing an appropriate accordion very difficult. That’s why we are happy to offer expert advice to help you find […]

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Italian leather accordion straps

Italian accordion straps summer sale – 10% off

Italian leather accordion straps. These straps are made by skilled Italian craftsmen in a small town near Castelfidardo, the heart of European accordion making. They are suitable for accordions of all sizes and are made with high quality leather and thick lined foam padding. We’ve put together a growing collection of different colour combinations to match your accordion, […]

Zonta ZB16 converter bayan accordion - left hand side

120 bass accordion chart

Left hand keyboard layout The left hand keyboard on an accordion can often appear complicated and daunting. Despite how it looks, it is laid out in a relatively simple, logical and inherently musical pattern. It is often referred to as the “stradella keyboard”, “standard bass keyboard” and sometimes “MII” (manual 2). 120 bass keyboard charts When […]

Finnish accordion sheet music

Finnish accordion sheet music from AMS-production Here at Free the Reed we like to scour the accordion world to find the best accordions, accordion music and accessories so we can make them easily available to you all in one place. Many of the best things we find are produced by small family run businesses with […]